Resorts Atlantic City Found Guilty of Allowing Minors to Gamble

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  • Ten underage individuals were able to gamble back in June.
  • Just over $242 in winnings were confiscated.
  • Attention must be placed on underage gambling education.

Every New Jersey casino is supposed to have guidelines in place to ensure that only players 21 years of age or older can gamble. ID checks and security guards are required to stop minors from accessing the gaming floor, though sometimes, youngsters slip through the cracks. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement just recently ruled on an incident involving ten underage individuals who gained entry into the Resorts Casino Hotel.

Details of the Incident

According to the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, the complaint was filed on June 26 and involves Resorts Casino. Ten individuals under 21 were able to gain entry to the casino floor and play games. The individuals obtained $242.02 in winnings, which was turned over to the state after a hearing regarding the incident.

The individuals admitted to what they had done and did not fight the charges. The Casino Control Act is legislation that states underage gambling imposes a fine of $500 to $1,000. The individual who gambles illegally can also have their driver's license suspended for six months.

When it comes to confiscated funds, any amount under $100,000 will see 50% go to the State General Fund. The Department of Human Services uses the money to fund compulsive gambling treatment and prevention programs. The remaining funds then go to the Casino Revenue Fund.

Typically wins from illegal gambling, such as underage individuals, is in low amounts and do not reach the $100,000 threshold. While minors can access gaming floors from time to time, it would be even more difficult to play enough games to win $100,000 or more.

Providing Education for Minors

In areas where gambling is so prevalent, such as Atlantic City, it would be a good idea to provide education to minors on the dangers of gambling and the repercussions of participating while underage. Most minors may see it as a challenge to make it onto the casino gaming floor and try a slot or table game. Most do not know they can owe large fines and have their license suspended.

In areas such as Atlantic City, it would be beneficial for regulators to create educational programs for schools to teach minors about the effects of gambling and underage participation. Additional checks and training could also be put in place for security and team members of casinos like Resorts, Hard Rock, Caesars, etc., to ensure incidents like this do not happen again.

With proper methods in place, ID checks will stop minors from gaining access to casino floors. Training should continually be updated on fake IDs and other methods of technology that can be used to fake age limits to access casino games.

Minors Involved in TikTok Challenge

Teens have been getting into trouble lately in Atlantic City for other incidents besides underage gambling. Just a few weeks ago, three teens were arrested for breaking into vehicles at the parking garage of Bally’s Casino. The teens were trying to complete a TikTok challenge involving Kias.

The challenge says that screwdrivers and USB cables can be used to turn on vehicles and remove the steering wheel lock. The three teens arrested in Atlantic City in July were in the parking garage of Bally’s, trying to unlock Kia vehicles.

Two of the teens arrested by police were charged with three counts of burglary and criminal mischief. One child was charged with possessing stolen property after they were found with a credit card belonging to one of the vehicle owners.

This incident ramped up the need for security regarding Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Vehicle owners were encouraged to secure their vehicles and leave nothing inside. Police stepped up patrol efforts to try and stop such incidents from taking place.

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