NJ Gamblers Upset with BetMGM Shutdown During Online Casino App Updates

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  • Players could not place bets on the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships.
  • An email about the shutdown was sent out one day before the upgrade.
  • Players were upset about the timing of the update and the lack of transparency.

It is not uncommon for an online casino or sportsbook provider to update its gaming software. Apps and online platforms need to be changed from time to time to feature new technology. Updates allow companies to remain relevant and offer new and exciting options for players. BetMGM was the most recent company to upgrade its gaming software, but the change did not go over as well as the brand would have hoped.

BetMGM alerted New Jersey online casino players and sports bettors one day before the scheduled shutdown. Players were unhappy about it as they missed out on placing bets on the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships and other events. Players were also unhappy that it took quite some time to access slots and table games.

No Bets or Games on August 28

BetMGM shut down its sportsbook and online casino in New Jersey for most of August 28. The brand’s sportsbooks in other states like Arizona, Iowa, and Tennessee were also shut down. Players were given short notice of the closure in an email sent out on August 27.

The date was selected because it was a Monday, and BetMGM is typically not as busy. Plus, the sports event calendar was slower, and the brand felt that players would not be as upset with the temporary closure. However, the day was the start of the US Open Tennis Championships, so players could not wager on the event.

The email on the scheduled maintenance said that BetMGM was taking a short break and they would be right back with the action. The website and app were to be shut down for an extended period and players would be notified when services were up again.

Other States Affected

While the shutdown was only supposed to involve the casino in NJ and sportsbook in a handful of states, other areas were seemingly affected. Reports soon surfaced that players in Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania had trouble accessing BetMGM. The additional affected states had already been subject to updates in early 2023.

Most players were upset about the timing of the shut down and the lack of transparency. Players were not afraid to voice their opinions and took to social media to blast BetMGM. Many wondered why the maintenance was not done during the late-night hours while people were sleeping and why the shutdown lasted for so long.

Even though the upgrade took a awhile and players were unhappy, BetMGM Casino now offers a single wallet for every state. No matter which legal state you log in with, you should have access to personal and financial information for seamless betting.

Hard Rock Rebrand

The BetMGM update comes just a few months after Hard Rock Casino decided to rebrand its image and offer an updated app and sportsbook. In July, Hard Rock announced the change to Hard Rock Bet, offering a sportsbook and casino in a single application.

The upgrade includes a new name, updated design, and rewards program. The brand now includes in-house technology that officials feel gives Hard Rock a competitive advantage against other operators. The changes were made as Hard Rock sees great success in the US, especially in New Jersey.

The brand has signed several deals including one with Simplebet to offer micro-betting in several states within the US. Services focus on college and professional wagering. The goal is to bring in new bettors to the platform and provide entertainment to everyone.

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